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About Us

RB Turbo LLC is a St. Louis, Missouri based business who strives to provide high quality ingenuitive Hybrid Turbocharger upgrade solutions at an affordable cost. RB Turbos' personal philosophy is that "if it costs more, it has to be better;" but has worked vigorously to defy that logic and provide superior, refined products at highly competitive rates. RB Turbo takes great pride in each product and has a sincere concern for every customer by supplying them with the "best bang for their buck." The RB Turbo stance is very simple: we design as if we are the discerning consumer who knows exactly what they want, how they want it done, how much it should cost, and last but definitely not least how it should perform. RB Turbo's commitment to superlative quality and attention to detail is what you are purchasing when you select an RB Turbo N54 Turbo Upgrade. Development has taken quite some time, but good things come to those who wait...wait no more, the time is now!