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This product has been developed in the spirit of racing and higher power production for your Twin turbocharged N54 BMW. RB Turbo does not condone street racing or any other illegal racing activities, and is in no way responsible for such activities involving high powered RB Turbo equipped vehicles. As a consumer of this product you are expected to know and understand all facets of racing and risks involved, including the mechanical risks of excessive turbocharging. RB Turbo is in no way, shape, or form to be held liable for any damages to any vehicle in the event of a mechanical failure due to install of this product, tuning, other mechanical limitation, failure of the product itself, or loss of control of vehicle from excess power. This includes potential personal injuries that could also be incurred due to such events. Please understand all the risks of increasing your vehicles power production and/or racing before installing this product. RB Turbo LLC and product offerings are not affiliated with any automobile manufacturers or approved for use by them in any way. RB Turbo LLC