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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Methods of Payment:

    RB Turbo LLC accepts Paypal, Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover), checks (certified/business/personal), and bankwires for all domestic transactions (including Canada). Internationally we ONLY accept Paypal and bankwire, we do not accept Credit Card due to AVS (Address Verification Services) not being valid to nearly every country outside of North America. Lastly Credit Card transactions may be subject to request of credentials (ie. State ID and Credit Card Photos) due to increased fraudulent activities and shipping/billing addresses must be the same.

  2. Shipping Costs:

    In some cases our website calculator maybe significantly inaccurate and we may request a supplemental payment in order to complete the transaction. International shipping rates can vary significantly pending on the destination country and the customers preferred courier. For smaller items we have established a “flat rate” low cost shipping option that covers most of these items whether Domestic or International. If you have any questions about the online shipping quotations or expedited shipping needs feel free to contact us for an accurate quote.

  3. Shipping Turnaround:

    RB Turbos are hand built on a limited batch production run basis. RB Turbos can occasionally be ready to ship at time of payment, but due to the many options the likelihood is that they are not ready for immediate shipment and are "build to order". Typical turbocharger builds are between 15 and 30 business days, post payment until time of shipment, but this can also vary pending on current backlogs and ordering demand. If you are in dire need of turbo replacements and can't wait or need to get a better idea of the turn around please contact us so we can accurately discuss our place in the production cycle in order to determine if we are able to accommodate your individual needs.

  4. Core Process:

    RB Turbo builds your N54 Turbo upgrades from authentic BMW OEM N54 Turbochargers. As such an additional $300 Core Charge applies (fully refundable) for all BMW N54 vehicle models, provided they are not shipped in advance of our shipment. Cores must be sent back to RB Turbo LLC within 60 days of receipt of new order delivery if the refund is desired by the customer, otherwise if any further delays are incurred please reach out to let us know with as much advance notice as possible. Please also know we only accept Original Authentic BMW N54 cores (ie. no aftermarket or China based cores will be accepted). Also if they have ever been tampered with, modified, etc. (in any way from original); please advise so we can discuss whether or not they will still suffice for us to refurbish. If you have your actual OE turbos from your particular model that are being removed for the first time without having ever been in the past, all of this is a moot point and things will be fine. If you have any questions about your cores and/or the core process feel free to call 314-630-8950 or email rob.rbturbo@gmail.com

  5. Turbo Warranty:

    RB Turbo LLC offers a limited 12 months unlimited mile warranty on turbochargers against defects in manufacturing and assembly commencing day of product delivery to the original purchaser. Please note that RB Turbo has final judgment in failure cause analysis and has the right to deny said warranty claims at will. RB Turbo shall not be accountable for additional expenses such as labor, other assembly materials, shipping or packaging costs, or consequential damages of failed product. RB Turbo shall never be held liable for anything other than replacement parts of the RB Product under claim. The good news is that we have our builds down to a science and have for many years now, thus we typically have around one self-inflicted customer issue on new shipments per year (and ship ~125 setups per year). With this means we never tend to decline issues during the warranty period (and can't recall a case where this was ever done), with this said we'd always prefer to open a dialogue to determine the actual root cause to ensure it doesn't happen again to help minimize the pain for our customer and ourselves.

  6. Return Policy:

    RB Turbo LLC offers no returns on products purchased without prior consent. If a return is desired please email with your order number and we will determine if your order qualifies for a refund. If the order qualifies for a refund then pending on the product and timeline restocking fees up to 25% may apply.