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RB Turbos are complete OEM upgraded replacements. They are shipped to you complete as if you had bought new OEM Turbochargers from BMW, but upgraded to particular recommended power goals to reliably meet your goals.

The installation of turbo hardware will require the use of some new gaskets, seals, and other supplies for a quality install. These items are available in our gasket kit accessory, and as such we recommend purchasing this kit if you do not wish to source your own components to complete the installation.

RB Turbo provides hardware only and does not offer tuning equipment nor support. However we have worked with the biggest players in the N54 tuning market over many years and are confident in each and every one of their abilities to extract substantial gains from our hardware (see below).

Terry from Burger Motorsports (www.burgertuning.com and owner of the great tech forum www.n54tech.com)

Many Remote MHD Custom Tuners (email for details)

Installation Notes:

  1. Do not run low volume flow oil Catch Cans with the upgraded turbos on the ventilation (high) side of the PCV system. We recommend the BMS Oil Catch Can as it is an high volume flow design and does not compromise the PCV systems ability to perform its function. Also make sure existing PCV system check valves are in good condition and/or replace with our RB PCV Valve or our RB External PCV offerings.

  2. Remove the oils FEEDs and Drains and clean thoroughly with compressed air and solvent/brake parts cleaner (replace lines if any debris can not be cleaned or there is uncertainty in condition).

  3. RB Turbos are hand built on a limited batch production run basis. Although RB Turbos can be ready to ship at time of payment most often they are not ready for immediate shipment and require a build cycle which can vary with demand. Typically this is somewhere between 5-20 business days, feel free to reach out and we can give you a better idea in the moment.

  4. Leave the plugs in the turbos oil holes until you are ready to install the oil lines to minimize chance of debris falling in and damaging turbos.

  5. Make sure there are no kinks in the oil lines after assembly (the original lines seem to be better formed to the car and install better).

  6. Use only new oil to break in RB turbos, use BMW approved oils for this application. If you are planning to run high boost levels we typically recommend a high quality 5w-40 synthetic offering such as Motul x-cess or Liqui-Moly.

  7. Once assembled try to crank over the engine a few times without starting to prime some oil through the turbos. As our turbos are pre-oiled and ran on our VSR they are not dry, but this can help unsure they are provided with the quickest possible availability of oil pressure.

  8. Make sure all intercooler hosing is fastened well and not leaking, boost leaks are not good for turbos and high boost can make small leaks larger or turn what was no leaks prior into some leaks (induction pressure testing recommended).

  9. Make sure the BOV and/or diverter valves are adjusted properly, plumbed with high quality/enlarged vacuum references, and/or not leaking.