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RB N54 PCV Vent Hose

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The OEM PCV Vent Hose acts as a check valve during low load operation, restriction the amount of filtered air (from the air filter on the rear induction turbo inlet) through the PCV Valve into the intake valves. Too little or too great of a restriction by the check valve hose can cause oil consumption issues during low load (high vacuum) engine operation. If the check valve does not open effectively the hose can also cause excessive crankcase pressures under high load (boosted) engine operation and also cause numerous issues relating to oil consumption, power loss, etc. The Vent hose securing clips also can break during removal and assembly which in turn can also cause issues. It is recommended to replace this vent hose every 50k miles, or if it has known to have broken clips, or standard when servicing the PCV Valve.


RB N54 PCV Vent Hose

Replacement OEM PCV Vent Hose for your N54 Engine
  • OEM Replacement
  • Recommended to replace every 50k miles, if clips are broken, or standard when servicing the PCV Valve