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RB Turbo N54 Twin Turbo Upgrade for your 1M, 135, 335, 535, or Z4 consists of the following modifications:

  1. Upgraded New 15T Compressor wheel

  2. Upgraded New TD04L Turbine wheel/shaft (this is not a "modified" stock turbine)

  3. Upgraded New TD04 Water cooled and fully adapted centersection to retain OEM Oil and Coolant Line hardware

  4. Upgraded OEM Turbine housing to adapt to the Native TD04 centersection and turbine wheel

  5. Upgraded New Billet INTERNAL wastegate assembly utilizing special high heat components that are wear-matched allows for extra-long life

  6. Simple OEM style bolt-on modification

  7. Stealthy OEM appearance that leaves people guessing about what's under the hood!

RB Turbo is one of few turbo builders who use the correct center-section (CHRA), for internal components, making the product much more reliable and expensive to produce. Our building process, in addition to using top flight wear-matched materials for the Billet INTERNAL wastegate modifications, equals a much better and durable design than OEM. Don't be fooled, if you find a lower price than RB Turbo, for something proclaimed to be the same, It’s safe to say that…it really isn't.