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  • cotmfk
  • 8/16/11
  • East Coast, USA
    1. Well, I am having a problem with the turbos. My mpg seems to have dipped for some reason. I can't seem to put my finger on it???!?

      (This post is a joke. My MPG's are down, but it is due to me constantly flooring the car!)

  • SyndicateGT
  • 10/13/11
  • California, USA
    1. I just wanted to give a big thanks to Rob and his amazing product! All i can say is GOOD GOD!

      I got my car back yesterday (glad I didn't do the job as there was more labor than I expected). I had a 2 hour drive home on the highway with my wife following me with her ML, so I didn't get a good chance to do some open highway pulls (too many cops too). But when I got home, I went back out on my own and JESUS :burnrubber: this thing pulls!!! I'm still breaking in my new LSD and I want to treat the turbos easy for a while so my boost is only set to 15 psi atm, but it hit max boost well before WOT. It pulls effortlessly, my best comparison is the OEM units feel hollow where the RB's feels solid...if that makes sense. Also, I'm not sure if it's me but the units are more audible, the spool up is louder (like mini T-37 jet engines).

      I know I know...this post is worthless without Pics/Datalogs/Videos. Once I get some free time I'll be doing lots of that. I know the guys waiting are going crazy now, but it's well worth it!

  • temperamental
  • 11/21/11
  • South Africa
    1. Just some quick feedback. The RB's were finally fitted on our 135. The turbo installation was done by a local tuning shop that I have been working with for many years.

    2. The car drives like a stock car in daily traffic, you would not feel/notice the bigger snails.
    3. The moment you up the revs and give it some heavy throttle and the devils cousin is let loose.
    4. The car was put on the tuners (Hyper) dyno after everything was installed (without the JB4) for a practice run. Temps were 31 degrees on the day. At the flywheel we achieved 278Kw & 663Nm. We are at the coast in beautiful Cape Town.
    5. Mods at the time of the dyno: DPs; custom exhaust with Active Autowerke rear boxes; No kitties; Semi slicks; DCIs; Stett chargepipe with DVs; Stett intercooler; 95 Octane; NO tune & No meth.
    6. Stock figures taken many months before were: 217Kw & 405Nm.
    7. The JB4 & coolingmist meth kit (in the boot) is being installed at this moment. We will spend this week tuning the car and have final dyno readings available by next week. After that the KW adjustable suspension will go in and then we will call it a day.
    8. Needless to say a showdown between my nitrous charged 335 and the RB's 135 are on the cards. The outcome should be very interesting.
    9. For interest sake...a compression test was done before the RBs were installed, new injectors, new plugs and the HPFP were installed a shortwhile back. This was important because we wanted the 135 to start off from a very healthy point.
  • nick_r
  • 1/15/12
  • Belgium
    1. Since friday,my car is tuned with the rb turbo's (custom reflash). Rb spool up is the same as oem turbo's,but a lot stronger in higher rpm. Really nice turbo's. 48hp gain and 70nm at 16 psi on pump gas and FBO (v.s. FBO with stock turbo's at 16psi)

  • Cobb Tuning
  • 1/14/12
  • Texas, USA
    1. Got the car on the dyno for a quick shakedown. Stage 2+ Aggressive makes 30-35 more whp with the RBs. Slightly slower to respond, but not bad at all. I need to chase down some fueling before cranking it up. 18.5 peak tapering to 14 at 6500. The turbos are not stressed, but the car is leaning out even with added fuel pressure. I need to figure that out before turning it up. Much better top end and lower manifold pressures. Much better power above 4500 rpm. Power band is good. Slightly slower to spool yet still good. Well worth the added flow and super drivable.

  • Ocean
  • 4/23/13
  • Connecticut, USA
    1. Lord have mercy!

      I just went out on the highway and punched it a bunch of times. It is scary fast. I need a big brake kit! No doubt about it.

      Glad I did the suspension, it needs it.

      The engine is liquid smooth, but north of 5,000 rpms under full throttle the car takes off like it's possessed. It is blazing fast, but sooo buttery smooth. That's what is so scary. It takes off and just flies. I hit +130 a bunch of times and it happens real fast. The car feels completely unstressed and balanced, but it's got a whole new demon character. Spooky stuff.

      I will have to say that I am not afraid to go up against any other car on the street now. I'd like to see anyone who can keep up with this north of 100 mph. The surges I was getting at that speed were spectacular. It's very addictive, but holy crud the power is so deceptive because of how smooth it is.

      Hats off to The N54 engine, Terry Burger for the JB4 tune, Cobb for theirs, and to Rob Beck for his stellar work on these hybrid typhoons.

      I am a very happy camper. This feels like a complete car. Ultimate sleeper.

  • Trickcruiser
  • 5/28/13
  • USA
    1. I was finally able to get the car out for some 1/4 testing with the RB's and she ran really well! The track was being very "slick car" bias for some reason and I was only able to get two passes in during my 4hr visit...

      Anyways, it was a cool night with a DA of 730 so I don't know if I will get a much better day to run around here.

      First pass was 11.7 at 125 just feeling out the car.

      Adjusted the tire pressure and launched at 2k in 2nd with better success.

      11.5 @ 126

      I would like to think that with a little better 60', I could muster up a 11.3 at 127 on these street tires.

      Anyways, big thanks to Terry and Rob for helping me get to this point!

  • Enrique De La Cruz
  • 8/10/13
  • Puerto Rico
    1. Hi Rob, I want to share my latest result on the Dyno with my new DCT clutch upgrade from SSP Performance. Car is strong and Turbos are working SUPER!!