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  • RB Turbo LLC is a St. Louis, Missouri based business who strives to provide high quality ingenuitive Hybrid Turbocharger upgrade solutions at an affordable cost. RB Turbos’ personal philosophy is that "if it costs more, it has to be better;" but has worked vigorously to defy that logic and provide superior, refined products at highly competitive rates. RB Turbo takes great pride in each product and has a sincere concern for every customer by supplying them with the "best bang for their buck." The RB Turbo stance is very simple...

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  • Hybrid Turbo Charger

    RB Turbo N54 Twin Turbo Upgrade for your 1M, 135, 335, 535, or Z4

    • Upgraded New 15T Compressor wheel
    • Upgraded New TD04L Turbine wheel/shaft (this is not a "modified" stock turbine)
    • Upgraded New TD04 Water cooled and fully adapted centersection to retain OEM Oil and Coolant Line hardware
    • Upgraded OEM Turbine housing to adapt to the Native TD04 centersection and turbine wheel
    • Upgraded New Billet INTERNAL wastegate assembly utilizing special high heat components that are wear-matched allows for extra-long life
    • Simple OEM style bolt-on modification
    • Stealthy OEM appearance!
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  • Videos

    BMW RB Turbo'd 335i vs. Lamborghini Gallardo


    • Cobb Tuning
    • 1/14/12
    • Texas, USA
    • Got the car on the dyno for a quick shakedown. Stage 2+ Aggressive makes 30-35 more whp with the RBs. Slightly slower to respond, but not bad at all. I need to chase down some fueling before cranking it up. 18.5 peak tapering to 14 at 6500. The turbos are not stressed...